Robert James Ritchie

17th March 1976 – 14th February 2010

Members of the Band gathered on 18th March 2010 to pay their respects to Robert Ritchie. Robert had been a member of the Band for over 10 Years as a Bass Drummer. Despite his recent decision to retire from the Band he maintained strong links with the Band and was one of the mainstays of the Karneval group from Reigate & Banstead that travelled to Eschweiler each year.

Unfortunately Robert passed away during Karneval, the first one he had missed for many years. When the news was heard by the group at Karneval it was decided to remember Robert as he would have wished by having a few beers with his and our German Friends.

No more will we see Robert’s smiling face as he comes back from goodness knows where with yet another collection of medallions and badges. Despite the language barrier Robert achieved more than I had done in over 20 Years of attending Karneval.

No more shall we see Robert panicking because we had the wrong train tickets on one trip to Karneval and the Guard was threatening to report us.

No more shall we experience the sight of Robert marching up and down outside the Band Hall whilst waiting to be picked up to go on a Band job. He was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Robert will be sadly missed.


Dave Edge